Weather widget

While planning your activity, the power to anticipate the weather can be a decisive factor and will lead to better results. ionMag introduces the amazing Weather Widget, designed to deliver precise long-term weather forecast information for your visitors.

Once it’s set, the widget will automatically display:

  • the selected location
  • the sky conditions
  • current temperature
  • low and high temperature
  • humidity
  • wind speed
  • the chance of rain (percentage)
  • temperature prognosis for the next five days

We also included a local weather button in the top-right corner. When you click on it, your location is detected and it will display the local weather information.

How do I set it the Weather Widget?

It can be added to pages, top bar, or inside the widget area as a sidebar element. The widget/block settings include:

Getting the API key:

You will have to create a free account on and receive or create the API key for the widget.


  • To find your location, use the following link. You can use “city name” or “city name, country code” (ex: London, UK). Note that the widget will auto translate itself to the language from the Theme panel only if a translation is available. The available languages (section 4.2)


  • Celsius
  • Fahrenheit

API key:

Add your API key from

weather widget


Top menu:

The weather widget can also be set to appear on the top menu. Because space is restricted, it will only display the sky conditions, current temperature and the selected location.



You can set it from Theme Panel -> Header -> Top bar. Just add the location, API key, select the units, and turn on the Show Weather switch.

Don’t forget to use the api key as well:
For now, the weather cannot be controlled, but as soon as this is possible we will add more options. 🙂