Possible BUG report : image captions destroy text layout

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Hello !

I’m a happy user of your free theme (which is really the best free theme within WordPress). I’ve noticed a weird bug.

In articles, image captions go past the horizontal size of images, destroying the text’s layout.

For example : when I chose to align an image to the left side, inside a text, it’s working fine, unless I add a very long caption. As soon as a very long caption is added, it goes past the horizontal size of the image !

See :

Is there a way to prevent captions from going past the horizontal size of images ?

Thank you

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  • This topic was modified 11 months by  Okkx.
Simion C.
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There were some issue with the image captions after the WordPress 4.9 update, we fixed them in the latest theme update. If you are using the 2.1 theme version there should not be any problems.
I have tested a caption on images while left or right aligned, the results are like this for me
Please provide a link to your website where the issue is happening so we can inspect it, if you have the latest version and it is still happening.


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Hello, thank you for your support,

I’ve just installed your theme V2.1 on wordpress 4.9.1, not external plugin added yet !

Here is the page showing issues with captions. But it’s the same issue on all articles with very long image captions !


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Simion C.
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Indeed it seems the issue is still happening. I will pass this along to the developer team. In the meantime a fix would be to remove the !important tag from this location in the theme stylesheet
We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank you!

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Thank you ! No problem, glad to report any bug I see ! 🙂

By the way, just spotted another little one, opening another thread !

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