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Hi there. Are there any plans in your team to have the width of the theme expanded? It works very good on responsive devices but leaves a lot of space on both sides for laptops and desktop pcs. Maybe like the width on Newspaper theme. Otherwise, great work!

Catalin L.
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Hello mato15,

Unfortunately, please notice that our product does not have such an option for dynamic width and we do not recommend to do that through the custom CSS code because the layout of the theme will be damaged. If you want to change the width of the theme to be in full-width mode, please notice that is not a simple task and you will have to adjust the entire theme to the new width for better results.
Above, my colleague gave you an example from where you should strat to increase the theme width, but notice then you will have to make some additional customizations to adjust the other theme elements if you want to bring best results.

If you want to display more levels in our theme and you are not aware of the steps in this regard, please consider hiring a freelancer/developer to do this for you because we cannot provide customization services at the moment, sorry!

Thanks for your understanding!

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