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Hi WPion team!
I’m using ionMag, it’s so awsome, but I have some problems. This is my page: 360amthuc
1. Homepage, I use “Block 8”, at Extra tab, I use Next Prev ajax, but it doesn’t work. It also doesn’t work on RELATED ARTICLES, and the MORE FROM AUTHOR, when I click, it doesn’t work.
2. How to rename the news sticker title, also on RELATED ARTICLES and MORE FROM AUTHOR?
Thanks in advance

Simion C.
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1. There seem to be some errors in the page that could be causing this issue
Please try as a test to deactivate all plugins except theme plugins, then check if everything works properly. Usually plugins are responsible for this kind of problems because they interfere with the theme functionality.

2. The “Trending now” title can be changed in the Theme panel->Translations options
The “Related articles” and “More from author” as well


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