Issue with Tag Div Composer 'Single Image' block in Mobile view

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I was wondering if anyone could help me solve this issue. For two pages on my site I’ve used the TD Composer block ‘Single Image’ underneath the menu bar, and this looks great when viewing on my desktop. On mobile however, a lot of the image is cut off, and since my image includes text this is a big problem as it makes the sentence illegible.

See screenshot on desktop:

On mobile:

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be massively appreciated!

Many thanks,

Simion C.
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The single image element uses the image as background, background properties may not be fully responsive. I could try to give you a solution if you could provide a link to your website.

Or you could try to replace the single image with a text element, insert the image in that (this will be more responsive)


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Hi Simon,

Thanks so much for the advice! I ended up just replacing by inserting the image in the text element and all is fine now.

Best wishes,

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