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After updating the theme, all my site’s pages and one custom post type show a strange HTML tag, something like this: <span data-pbs-title-marker-post-id=”28″></span>

Here’s an example of that page as well:

It’s the same for absolutely all pages and all my custom post types, but not for posts.

Maybe someone has a clue on why this is happening and what could cause this?

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Okay, so it turns out I can see the HTML tag only when I’m logged in WP. Can’t see it in incognito and when I’m logged out. But maybe someone still has a clue why I see it when I’m logged in and checking the page?

Simion C.
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I couldn’t say exactly what that code is related to, it is not part of the theme. It could be a plugin. I see that you use a Page builder sandwich plugin, that may be related.


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