How to use 'External Featured Image' with IonMag theme?

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I want ot use external featured images as the post’s featured images with my blog having IonMag theme installed. So, I tried using the plugins- ‘External Featured Image’ for the purpose but the plugin does not work with it! I had a conversation with the plugin authors and they asked me to seek your help in order to fix the issue as they claim the plugins still doing fine with many others themes. Please help me.

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We use ‘auto post thumbnail pro’ with the theme with zero issues on two sites; so I suspect an issue with the plugin you’re using or some other setting you may have.

Basically you need a plugin to ‘save’ actual local copy of image to the media manager and mark as the featured image in the post meta in order to build the thumbnails.

If your chosen plugin not doing that right, it will never work.

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