How to get block 7 or 8?

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I would like to have block 7 or 8 as the main blog listing. Is it possible?

Simion C.
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If you have a static homepage you can place any element you want on the page
If you have the front page displaying your latest articles (blog), the module used can be changed in the Theme panel->Template settings
Please correct me if I misunderstand something.


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You got it right, but modules 7 and 8 are only available with the static home page.
I want only block 7/8 with the regular pagination (not the ajax one) in the front page.

Alin V.
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TagDiv blocks have 3 pagination options(next/prev, load more, infinite load) – The blocks are available only on static pages.
On loop templates, like blog(my colleague Simion provided an answer), categories, archives.. you can set a module to display your articles.
The classic/numeric pagination is available only on loop template and not for tagdiv blocks.


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