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Thank you for making an awesome theme for free!
I just changed my theme to ionMag. I don’t want to resize thumbnails on any featured image of my posts, because the resized thumbnail has a bigger size.
for example: the featured image (700px x 350px) size is 4KB. and the thumbnail size (300px x 220px) is 47KB. It becomes a little bit slow when the user opening my website.

how do I disable it?

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Alin V.
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All the uploaded images are copped so the thumbs can be used on modules/blocks. You will need to optimize your images, you could use a plugin for this, unfortunately I cannot recommend one you will need to test. Or as an alternative you could use this code in functions.php:

add_filter( 'jpeg_quality', create_function('', 'return 50;' ) );

After you add the code you need to regenerate the thumbs, for that you could use the Force Regenerate plugin.


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Thanks for the advice, but I have changed some files:

And add an option in “Theme Panel>>Block Settings>>Thumbs on Modules/Blocks”, so it looks like this:

it works fine.

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