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Dear Admin,
When l want to add a function code about adsense advertisement to functions.php, l noticed lanons.com/code.php link in functions.php. Why is another site link taking place?

I am very happy if you can give us information.

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following this thread

Catalin L.
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Unfortunately, the theme has not been tested with this kind of ads, and therefore, we cannot say for sure if it will work or not, sorry! This task involves doing such a custom work but please notice that we cannot provide something like this.


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Dear Catalin,
l don’t want to learn how add advert code. My question is about your external link.
l downloaded free ionmag theme and l controlled functions.php. But when l activated theme on wordpress panel, some codes adding functions.php. There is external link.

Alin V.
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I don’t find external link similar to the link posted above in functions.php file. I’m not sure what code you add in functions.php but I cannot recreate this.
I also replied via email, if you want you can provide more details there and wp-admin and ftp access.

@mastersaheb If you have the same issue please provide more details via email at [email protected] and provide wp-admin and ftp access.


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