2x related articles – how to remove?

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Hi there,
I am trying to get the comments field as close to the end of the post as possible. I have gone through all the settings trying to de-activate as many as possible. Here is an example: https://stretchymummy.com/best-gift-mummy/

This is the current structure:
post content
generic WordPress related articles
generic wordpress previous / next article
ionMag related articles/more from author


Desired structure:

Please help!

Alin V.
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If you want comments just under the post content, you will have to disable all the other sections next/prev and Related articles from Theme Panel > Post Settings – https://www.wpion.com/members/post-settings-overview/https://www.wpion.com/members/related-articles/

The related articles you have now active are not from the theme, they come from jetpack plugin – https://jetpack.com/support/related-posts/


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Jeckpack! How could I have not thought of it? Thank you so much!
It has been annoying me for ages.

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