Background settings overview

The background is important! Don’t leave the theme all in white! Make it your own by using custom backgrounds. For more details check the following sections.

Using an Image

ionMag comes with a general background image option which can be set up from Theme Panel > Background. This panel contains the following sections:

Background 1

  • Site background – The theme will automatically transform the website into a boxed version.
  • Repeat – This refers to the way that the background image will be displayed. By default, this option is set to No Repeat. If you use a pattern and you want it to repeat, check the other options: Tile, Tile Horizontally, Tile Vertically.
  • Position – By default, this option is set to the Left, which means that the image will be placed on the left side of the background area. If you want to position it differently, check the other options: Center and Right.
  • Background Attachment – Use this to choose if the image should be fixed or it follows you when you scroll.
  • Stretch background –  This option stretches the image all over the screen. Please leave this option disabled if you are using the background click ad.

NOTE – A custom image or color can be assigned to each of the category pages. For more details, please check the categories documentation.

Using a color

You can set it from Theme Panel > Theme Colors > General Theme Colors

Background 2

Note: When you set a color or an image as a background, your website will automatically change to the boxed version.