A website is the first thing you need to promote your transport and logistic business online. And, the easiest way to create an attractive website for your company is to find an ideal logistic WordPress theme. A site allows you to inform potential customers about the services you offer and the areas where your network is. If you are planning to create a logistic and transport website, this article is for you. Here, we will tell you about how to create a WordPress website for your business. At the end of the article, we will share a theme example, that might be what you’re searching for in terms of designs and functionalities.  

How can a logistic business promote its brand effectively? 

There is a tough  competition among the transport companies. In such a situation, it is really difficult to create a space for yourself in the market. Here are some tips that will help you to promote your business in the online environment. 

Create a good logo 

A logo is a must-have thing to run any business. It is the identity of a brand or an organisation. People recognize the brand by the logo. It remains unchanged. A logo reflects the brand’s philosophy and also gives an idea about its niche. 

While designing your logo, keep in mind what you stand for and what product you offer to your target groups. Be careful about your brand philosophy. Try to make it attractive and unique so that your potential customers can recognize you easily. A good logo itself works as a promotional tool. If people like it, they remember it for a long time.      

Build a good website with WordPress

A website is simply your digital presence. It should communicate every single detail about your business properly. The two primary things that you need to create a website are a platform and a host. The platform lets you create your site and the hosting provider makes it accessible for the visitors. WordPress is the most user-friendly platform in the world. It is currently the most widely used content management system.

Here are the easy steps you need to follow to quickly create a WordPress website:

  1.     Select a good domain name and purchase it
  2.     Choose a hosting service and decide on the best pricing plan for you
  3.     Install WordPress on your local device 
  4.     Select a theme for your website 
  5.     Use the theme to design your website and create necessary pages 
  6.     Add contents to the pages using the WordPress editor or the theme’s builder
  7.     Add and publish relevant content on your pages and the posts   
  8.     You can use plugins in case you want to increase the functionality of your website 

Run paid advertising campaigns 

Online advertising is the most powerful tool to promote a product using several channels. It not just spreads awareness but alsoC increases sales by giving information about the current offers and discounts. You can run advertising campaigns on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. You can also post your ads on different third-party websites. There are many advertising networks that will connect you to the publishers. Google AdSense is one such popular network. There is another good way of campaigning. You may go for email marketing campaigns if your users have given their email id voluntarily. 

Use social media 

Social media is gradually becoming the most popular channel for communication. The number of users is increasing day by day. It is one of the most popular ways to promote your product. You can reach a global audience with minimum cost and effort. For example, you can post promotional stories on Twitter, Facebook etc. You should always add short product descriptions along with attractive images to Instagram and create youtube videos. You can also turn your attention to your followers and ask them  to share your promotional posts on their social media accounts. 

Generate reviews 

You can get hold of the famous product reviewers and ask them to write about your product. The other option is to look for niche-specific blogs and publish promotional stories there. The testimonials work the best for any business that provides a service.

Safe and time delivery 

No matter how powerful your marketing strategy is if the performance of your products is not up to the expectation level of your customers, it is difficult for you to survive in the market. The primary expectation that everyone has from a logistic company is safe and timely delivery. You have to make sure that you deliver the goods at the doorsteps safely and as early as possible.     

Popular Logistics and Transportation Template for WordPress

The Transportation and Logistic WordPress template by Cyberchimps is a flexible and feature-rich template that comes with a responsive Pro theme. It offers you tons of unique features to run your website and promote your business. As the name suggests, it comes with a modern and responsive layout. It makes your site load in seconds. 

You get many layout customization options with this theme. It has 600+ Google fonts and unlimited color options. There are left and right sidebars and many header and footer possibilities. You can showcase testimonials from your happy users on your website. 

The logistics theme is built with the best SEO practices which could ensure a better position in search engines. It is cross-browser compatible and well documented. You can translate it into any language.

Key features of the theme:

  • One-click import
  • Pre-designed pages
  • Services
  • Track and trace
  • Contact form

The theme has three different pricing plans, you can choose from, and they come with an option of 30 days money-back guarantee.


In this article, we gave you an idea about how to create a transport and logistic website with WordPress. We also suggested some ways to promote it. At the end of the article, we have recommended a WordPress transportation theme exclusively designed for the purpose. The theme is beginner-friendly and easily customizable and  it will let you create an impressive logistic company website design.

Lisa Jones
Editor-in-chief of WPion. 100% passionate about WordPress, Lisa is part time web developer and part time front-end designer. With a master's degree in computer science, she is specialized in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP. Lisa uses her knowledge and experience to offer you a complete analysis of WordPress most popular themes and plugins.