The world is growing and expanding at a rate that was hard to imagine just a decade ago. Well, the world cannot expand scientifically; it’s a figure of speech. Gone are the days when countries were restricted with boundaries and stayed limited within an area. Also, the market place is now global. Today, one can enjoy the art of sushi, making even in a small town in Russia. People in Japan can taste typical south Indian recipes and what not. All this has become a possibility because of advancement in technology and the consumers’ willingness to experiment. Thanks to modern tech and fast internet, people are running businesses on the go. Most of them use functional software like WordPress to create a website and become digital nomads, which combine productivity and satisfaction at work. Having a site has enabled these new day digital nomads to stay in touch with their workplaces and vice-versa.

What means to be a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who travels and maintains a nomadic lifestyle while also running a business dependent on telecommunications technology. This kind of people can work out of coffee shops, beaches, rooftops: any place they can find an internet connection. There are multiple reasons why someone becomes a digital nomad. One motive could be due to the independence it provides and the option to travel frequently. Most often than not, a digital nomad has some financial cushioning in case things go wrong. As time is passing, more jobs are becoming location-independent ones. This, and the fact that internet networks are improving are the two factors encouraging digital nomads to function remotely.

Digital Nomad working remotely

The procedure as becoming a digital nomad is as simple as the term itself.
You take up a skill, become an expert>You start selling that expertise>Remove your financial barriers in current position>Decide on your location and Go!

A website is a digital nomad’s connecting point to the rest of his or her old world. It’s the website that brings in all the attention and eventually finances, the digital nomad needs to survive. This is what justifies digital nomads’ love for WordPress. This platform is helping them to take complete control, brand themselves, get located, and increase credibility in new lands. Given the fact that a digital nomad is on the feet most of the time, it’s understood that there are a million different things on his plate. Be it missing out on old relationships to trying to find new bonds, it can all get a little too overwhelming. The convenience of having an organized work in terms of a good and dependable website goes a long way in lessening the stress.

Digital Nomads vs. Depression?

By now, you can understand that traveling and working make the foundation for a digital nomad. Furthermore, you have to stay engaged on social media, as it becomes challenging to maintain a social life in a new place. In most cases, one is either traveling or is looking for a place to work. Unfortunately, this crosses out the option of getting in touch with old friends too. Your time zones are different, and you are both leading separate lives in different cities around the world. So, one fine day, you realize you are a lonely digital nomad. Things start getting worse, even with you doing well in your job and seeing new places. You may suffer from depression and anxiety before you know it. You can find a way out of this by using following our advice, below.

Digital nomad - stressed

1. Make the first move and take the responsibility even if it doesn’t sound fair

You will have to stay in touch with your favorite people back in your home country. You are the one who chose this lifestyle, so you will have to make the first try to normalize it for others. There’s a good reason why you had picked them over others. You might think they should put efforts from their end. They eventually will. Most often than not, friends and family do not call up because they do not have a clue about your nomadic life. Keep in touch and tell them about your plans and experience. This will make them curious and interested, and they would eventually have an idea about the best times to get in touch with you.

Meet up with friends and make plans when you are in town. You can also encourage your friends to visit you. In case you know of something they really enjoy doing like a hike or a party place, surprise them! Who knows when a certain content you post with your friend goes viral. The web is a crazy place and is looking for new and intelligent content to consume, and it would not be possible without a website.

2. You will have to prioritize. A LOT!

You probably have many friends on social media and many more in real life. Not all your relationships are of equal importance, though, it’s easy to evaluate them when it comes to meeting up with someone. If you’ve promised to meet up with four different groups of friends when you are in their town next week, there are two options to reconsider. You can choose to cram up separate meetings or prioritize the people you are eager to see. Remember that your day has a limited period of time, and making memories with closest friends is a must. Prioritizing the people in your life will ensure you spend quality time together.

3. Set calendars and get creative with your virtual friendships

It’s not always possible to meet up in person with your closest pals when you are a digital nomad. In times like these, make sure you set up virtual dates with your friends. It may be a movie night, then discuss the subject together. Or maybe just a Skype call with your closest buddies. A great way of keeping yourself updated with your friend’s life is to set a timer and make a routine where you are both prepared for the call in advance. At times, a hearty discussion with someone who understands you is all it takes to make your day.

4. Make new memories

Plan in advance to visit a common destination that’s convenient for all of you. It could be a country that you and your friends can explore together and make new memories. This might seem hard to carry out, but is absolutely possible when you keep in touch with them regularly.

Digital nomad with friendsThese certainly make up for some great content for your website too. You can always curate new content that goes in the form of blog articles or as social media posts.

5. Remember the little things

Life has been busy for you and your friends. You are stressed about improving the UX for your WordPress site, and your friend is probably stuck in a dead end job. It’s normal to be busy in real life. Sometimes we take things for granted when they get old. It says you have become habituated to it and you believe it to be permanent. However, remembering the small details and celebrating them will reinvent the relationship you share. When you know a friend is stressed at work or going through a tough relationship, you can always give them a call and listen. You can always make someone happy by sending their favorite chocolates on the first day at work or give them flowers. Cherish the memories you made together and wish them well on their birthdays: this is the way to any great relationship.


Being a digital nomad comes with its share of ups and downs, just like most other great things in life. You will certainly have to put in some extra work if you want the world to be your oyster and your friends to be cheering for you at the same time. But the pain certainly looks to be worth it while you work out of a pink beach on a weekday.

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