Have you noticed the current tendency to have everything digitized? Since time tracking software is the electronic version of the classic paper timesheet, in today’s article, I’ll present to you a popular, automated timekeeping & HR solution for your business. By using the iFlow App, you can easily plan and manage the work hours in your company, regardless of the industry. And here comes the question: are you ready to go digital? To better understand what digitalization means, I’ll start with the very beginning.  

The Digital Era and Technological Revolution

So, what represents the digital era? It’s that moment in time and history when everything went digital. Personal computers were launched as a communication medium, and analog music turned into digitally recorded. Furthermore, video games, ATMs (Automated teller machines), or Computer-generated imagery (CGI – which are computer graphics used in the videos, movies, TV programs, printed media) started appearing then.

In the ‘70s, every mechanical or analog technology started the switch to modern, digital tech.  According to Wikipedia, “the switch from analog to digital record keeping became the new standard in business, a relatively new job description was popularized, the data entry clerk. Culled from the ranks of secretaries and typists from earlier decades, the data entry clerk’s job was to convert analog data (customer records, invoices, etc.) into digital data.” Even if digitalization started 50 years ago, some people find it hard to let go of old habits.

Company Digitalization

The technological change has already started, but the meaningful digitalization in your company depends on you. Are you a leader or a boss? A leader is one who wants his employees to grow together. And, what’s more important about this is that a leader is ready to make any change that benefits his company. He listens to his employees, tries new solutions, and works side by side with the team. Meanwhile, a boss gives arbitrary orders to his employees. 

If you are younger, you’re more likely used to technology and new software or devices, whereas to an experienced businessman, technology and the trend of digitization might be overwhelming. Especially if these improvements affect everyone in the company. 

iFlow App, an Accurate Time and Attendance Solution

People accustomed to doing work schedule reports by hand are more likely not to hurry and embrace online apps that automate these processes. However, not only will your HR department love an online app, that registers the work time & attendance, but so will your employees. And, you’ll be happy to access it from any device, wherever you are.

With an online timekeeping solution, you’ll always be in touch with your employees; you’ll know everything about paid or sick leaves, overtime, and time-off requests. Furthermore, with just a click you can print the timesheet. Based on the work time schedule, the timesheet is automatically filled in. This way, you can access it whenever you need it. With an app that is employee self-service, you’re giving them access to the app, and the staff can add distinct event requests. 

In summary

In every company, employees work to delight customers. They create something appealing, people would dare for. But how can you help your employees spend more time on what really matters? You should envision the future in your company, and let technology help you easing everyone’s daily tasks. By having an attendance app like iFlow will surely be one of your most valuable company assets. 

Lisa Jones
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