When building a WordPress website, you want to create the “wow-effect” and impress your audience with a user-friendly and visually appealing website. Apart from marketing techniques and strong content, the design is also a key tool. Moreover, every WordPress developer knows that designing a website is not an easy task. You will need a well-developed aesthetic sense together with the right tools and plugins. So, if you want to know which are the most efficient design tricks and trends that make WordPress website unique, you have reached the right place.

Design Tricks - Premium Themes

1. Carefully choose your plugins

WordPress is a user-friendly platform which has a large directory of plugins to help you extend your website’s functionality. However, when exaggerating and installing too many, the website’s performance may suffer. Therefore, when you browse the WordPress Plugin Directory, be very careful and use strict criteria. For instance, you could use only the minimum plugins you want to work with and have been developed by professionals in the field. If there is any plugin which you actually don’t need, then it’s probably best not to go for it. Moreover, before you decide to install a plugin or not, do a little research and read user reviews and comments on specialized websites. Once the information is verified and you are sure that the plugin comes from a trustworthy source, install it without restraints.

2. Use premium themes

WordPress offers plenty of free themes which attract many website developers. When you are a beginner, you might be tempted to use the free themes, without thinking too much on how it is affecting the website’s aesthetics. Perhaps, you should keep in mind that a free theme isn’t necessarily an error-free theme. Usually, these themes have a lot of problems in terms of functionality and code structure. Thus, you can redirect the attention to premium themes which have a stable code quality and a flexible structure. In addition, premium themes will also come with a lot of intuitive and easy-to-customize elements which help you enhance the website’s design.

3. The website colors make the difference

People react very well to visuals. Therefore, apart from using suggestive images, consider the colors for your WordPress page. If you want to stand out from the competition, it’s a must to consider the positive and negative effects that colors produce to your audience. For example, if violet is the main website color, it gives the idea of luxury and quality. Moreover, violet enhances the trust that clients have in your brand. In addition, you could also pay attention to the gender of your target visitors. For instance, men don’t react the same to one color as women do. Thus, even though purple represents luxury, it doesn’t have the same effect on men. One color which works well for both genders is blue. So, if you want to thrill men and women alike, count on the blue color to make your WordPress website unique.

4. Design Tricks: The psychology behind fonts

Each visual element is important when you want to create a first good impression. Depending on the chosen font, your audience receives different types of messages. For example, if you use the serif font, you’ll express respect and tradition. Moreover, sans-serif will give your website a modern look, being also a universal font. On the other hand, to show power and trustworthiness, you can use a slab serif font. Finally, the script will give a site an elegant look, while the modern font shows intelligence and style. When deciding which font to use, you should know your target audience very well and have in mind what type of message you want to convey. Once it’s established how to combine these two elements, it’s pretty simple to choose the right font. Apart from the type, the content is also very important. If you don’t have writing skills, one recommendation is to work with some top writers services which can produce clear and engaging content for your website.

5. Create a friendly “404 error” page

It is not surprising at all that your site will breakdown at some point. However, even though users don’t consider it an unusual situation anymore, they need to understand what happens with a website when this error appears.

404 Error Page

So, when building a WordPress website, you also search for plugins that can help out personalize the “404 error” page. By putting in a lot of effort to create a nicely designed error page, visitors will understand that you have the situation under control. As an example, use a bit of humor when creating this error page, assuring your audience that the website will become operational in a very short time. This is one of the design tricks people are not really aware of.

Take time and follow the rules

It is very easy to get the best of your WordPress website as long as you invest a bit of time and effort to get to know the platform. Make a website unique by picking the colors and fonts your audience loves. What is more, with the right plugins, you’re making sure the site’s performance is not affected. Test the design tricks above and implement those that give the best results and attract your target audience.

Steven is an editor at RatedByStudents and a passionate writer about website development and design tricks. He also loves everything about WordPress and has made a passion for searching for new tools to simplify users’ lives.