If you’re here reading this article, we assure you it’s not a sci-fi topic. For sure, you have noticed that the well-known marketing authorities keep telling us that email marketing Was, Is and Will continue to be an expensive strategy for small businesses. So, what’s the best solution to reducing your costs?

With the right tools, strategy, and perseverance, a free email campaign can be one of the best strategies a startup business can choose – regardless of the nature and niche of the business (digital or not).

To make our statements as accurate as we can, in the following paragraphs we will show you how to build a free email template and send it to your clients. Let’s start with the basics!

1. Why e-mails?

It’s obvious that the best way to reach your clients is to send clear information/instructions/promotions directly. If you still disbelieve this, you’re wasting valuable time.

2. Who should receive this kind of email from you?

A guaranteed success is to run your campaigns and always provide a positive answer to the question “Does this client want to hear from me?”. Also, you have to sort your clients properly and make sure they get the latest and accurate information from you.

This is where planning really needs to start, and where being sloppy can lead to bad conversion rates for your email campaign.

To build and curate your email list you should focus on some tactics that will indeed bring results, without spending too much of your time or resources. This can be done through loads of techniques from freebies, to onboarding existing clients of your service, to discounts or different incentives.

The key here is not to buy, download or steal contacts. All these can get you and your domain in serious trouble as well. Furthermore, the chances of somebody being interested in your pitch are close to zero if they’re ‘cold leads’. This refers to the contacts who have no clue who you are.

The second and most important part of keeping this process cost-free (or extremely low cost) as you grow your business and outreach is to be proactive about your list and constantly curate contacts who don’t engage. Sending an email to somebody who doesn’t ever engage does nothing but pile up your bills. You need to understand that you might be in that contact’s spam folder for ages.

3. How to compose/build the email?

Let’s circle back to our main topic of sending free email marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to build a free email is by using the CodeCrew drag & drop builder to build free email templates. This will massively help you skip the whole process of having to design, code, test, and repeat. It will allow you to build a really good looking email template which is compatible with all major email clients.

Email_Marketing Campaign
Email Marketing Campaign

4. How to send a free campaign?

This is where we’ll have to pull our hats off and hand it to MailChimp for providing a really great free service to accounts with up to 2000 contacts. This package will help nurture your business until your email marketing campaign can become profitable enough so that you begin investing more in it.

Wash, rinse, repeat

Don’t forget – this strategy is all about not getting greedy or too insistent. Nobody likes getting 4 emails every week from a marketer, and your clients won’t either. Try sending 2-3 campaigns per month tops. Don’t forget to continuously curate your list by creating a segment for people who ‘Didn’t open any of the last 5 campaigns’ if you’re sending 2 every month and getting the ones who match the criteria ready to be unsubscribed. This can mean sending one last campaign warning them that they would be unsubscribed, or simply doing this directly.

E-mail Marketing Campaign
E-mail Marketing Campaign

This strategy should carry you on your way to making profits from email marketing before you invest one dime. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments area and we’ll be happy to provide guidance.

Alex Marin
BigBangThemes co-founder and UX designer, Alex loves pixel perfection and bold designs. Passionate about outdoors and travel.


  1. MailChimp may be free but the segmentation is not on the free account. Without segmentation, you will get fewer results in the modern age.