If you have a business website, you know how important your blog area is. A blog is a big part of your site, though it is not where you ultimately want your customers to be – you want them on your landing pages, where they can make purchases. Still, the blog is where targets get engaged. The more effort you put into the created content, the more your chances of attracting the right audience. Here’s how to can use the blog to drive visitors to your website.

1. Variety is the key

Whether you only write for one niche or not, you should know that variety is very important in all your online activities. From the pictures and videos you create and share on your website, to the topics you choose for the blog posts, everything is influenced by diversity. Keep your audience satisfied and interested by varying the information and the visuals!

Your visitors are more likely going not to be interested in the same things. If you want to attract people interested in the different types of products and services you provide, you will have to be able to offer a variety of blog topics to keep them engaged.

2. Resources

Depending on the legitimacy and the authority of your content, you might have to start using more accurate examples when mentioning something of interest. Apart from making your blog posts more interesting, your brand seems trustworthy. This step also shows how much you care for the services you provide the customers with.

One of the things you have to know is that making lists and research work won’t be easy to do from the very first try. Including case studies, research, and others in your posts might take some training. Also, with the help of a professional writer, you can learn how to make the writing style for your stories more credible.


To be able to provide enough credibility to your posts and also make your writing style more suitable for this type of writing, here are some tools to help you achieve your goal:

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3. How-To’s

These types of posts are another good idea for blogs which wish to create more content with less effort. By being similar to list articles, “how-to’s” follow a certain type of content style. They are easy to follow and go through by most readers.

These types of posts can apply to almost anything. From a guide to creating a website, to a morning skincare routine, you’re bound to find plenty of topics based on the same niche. Your audience might find these fun to read and also informative.

4. Visuals, visuals, visuals – photos, videos & infographics

If you’re running your own blog, you should know the importance of audiovisual content, which plays a huge role in your success. This type of content has the ability to make blog posts more interesting to the reader and catches their eyes with ease.

Content: videos

Along with that, sometimes, certain things are much easier to understand through a video or a picture. You should also not forget that audiovisual content is easy to reproduce and share in the online communities. So, by creating exciting visuals, you can attract the targeted audience a lot easier.

5. Interviews

Interviewing an influencer, a celebrity, or anyone else of importance could really help drive more traffic to your website. When you’re posting an interview of someone who has an online following, you are immediately inviting all of their followers to visit your website and see what the person they idolize has to say. To make them stay, you should make sure to promise more upcoming interviews and other compelling content. At the end of the day, that is more publicity for the both of you!

6. Use Case Studies

By showing your audience various case studies, you are also giving them more credible results on topics they prefer. Case studies essentially observe and analyze groups of people, events, from different periods of time. No matter the niche you’re writing for, find certain results through one or more methods, and use original studies.

7. Podcasts

Similar to the style of interviews, podcasts can attract a large number of people interested in the topics published on the blog. You can easily develop the podcast topic you wish to talk about in the same way you would write the article. The great thing about podcasts is that you don’t have to abide by any word count limit or think too hard about what to say next.

Content: podcasts
If you’re good with words, a podcast is a new way to express your thoughts without having to dedicate too much time into creating written content for your blog on a daily basis. You’ll still be able to express your opinions, communicate with your audience, and attract a larger number of followers at the same.

8. Lists

List articles are always an awesome idea when you want to attract more traffic to your website. Not only are they easy to go through and understand, but they are also very easy to appear in the search engines or be clicked on by your target audience.

When a potential follower comes across your post on a search engine results page or any other place on the internet, he’s more likely to click and read the post. This happens when a new visitor sees that he won’t have to go through impossible-to-read blocks of text without any order.

9. Use humor and inspiration

If you take into consideration the thousands of online influencers that dominate the social media platforms, it’s not surprising they all have something in common; they all have a story to tell. Whether you think that the story of how you started out with a blog might not seem interesting to many people, there are significant changes they relate to it.

Being inspiring isn’t all about incorporating a few quotes into your posts. It’s about dealing with hard situations with a positive perspective. Humor can really help influence the online circle positively and be a good example for those that follow you.

10. Slideshares

While you might not be able to post slides on your website, you might turn your popular blog posts into Slideshares for the audience’s benefit. For example, if you have created a few how-to lists in digital marketing or any other topic, you can collect that information, enrich it, and form it into a Slideshare.

You can easily use this as email marketing material and inform your followers about recent posts. Show them a summary of what they’ll find on your site. The point here is to leave a few important things out of the slides and tell your readers to look for them on your website.

11. Ultimate Guides/E-Books

Ultimate Guides and E-Books can take quite some time to complete. They also require a lot of patience, research, and motivation. The truth is that an E-Book can really increase the credibility of your brand, helping you attract more people, simply because a friend of theirs might have talked about your book on their social media page.

Content: ebook

If you decide to go forth with this process though and invest so much time into creating these pieces of content, make sure that they are perfect, every step of the way. If there’s one thing you should be focusing on, that is the grammar and spelling mistakes you can easily slip. You can use some great online tools such as Grammarly, HotEssayService or Hemmingway Editor and polish your content, making sure it’s easy to read. This can provide a great reading experience to your users.

12. Guest Posts

Last but not least, guest posts are one of the easiest ways for you to boost traffic on your website. Always having high-quality content to share with your audience is a winner. Guest posts come from people you choose to work with, preferably experts in your field of interest. They are ready to offer your audience with enough advice and knowledge. By making the right connections, networking with the right companies and people, lets you create a circle of talented writers who will be creating posts for your website on the regular.

Bring your WordPress site the success it deserves

Whether your site is still new or you’ve been running it for a while, there is always a chance to improve the type of published content. It helps your online business be even more profitable. These types of blog post content can definitely help you find some fresh ideas and start creating the content your website needs. Which of these examples are you going to try out next on your WordPress website?

Bridgette Hernandez
She's a writer for IsAccurate. Bridgette enjoys reading and constantly enriching her knowledge in various fields. She likes to write efficient posts to help readers succeed in their online businesses.