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Dimitris Kourdoupalos is an SEO consultant bases in Greece and known for his vast knowledge and deep understanding of how search engine algorithms work and how they assign rankings to sites. He has gained this knowledge by spending the last years meticulously studying and testing internet marketing techniques to find which of their elements are the most effective and which don’t work. He has founded SEO Dominator a company that has completely changed SEO in Greece. Dimitris and his team of online marketing experts, don’t use any automated optimization methods when working on a website. They design an optimization process and plan for each and every one of their clients and they implement all of the steps completely by hand. This allows them to have complete control over all steps of the process, from changes to the site’s web design to the creation and management of social media accounts. Each plan of action is designed in accordance to each client’s needs and goals, which will be decided and agreed upon in a special consultation session. Dimitris and his team can only work with a limited amount of clients at a time, in order to provide to each of their current clients a “final product” that will meet SEO Dominator’s very high quality standards. If you would like to hire them, then you should get in contact with SEO Dominator as soon as possible by using the specially designed discovery form found on their website.