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I’m trying to set up a weather widget but it says that the API key is invalid. I’ve checked the documentation ( and I’ve seen that there would be an API field to fill, but I don’t have any API field in my website.

Thank you.

Simion C.
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Please update the theme to the latest version
This should install the latest composer version as well. If the option still does not appear, deactivate and remove the composer plugin and reinstall it again form the downloaded latest theme package.


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I had already updated but now I’ve updated deleting all previous theme files and it’s working now.
Now, it shows the widget but it doesn’t show any data. I’ve opened the Firefox console and it says “TypeError: tdWeather._currentItem.today_temp is undefined”


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If I click on the button for local weather, it shows:
“Firefox has blocked the load of the mixed content “[…]””
I think it’s because it’s using HTTP and my website uses HTTPS, so Firefox blocks it.

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It was a City configuration problem (it showed the city as valid but it didn’t show any data).
It’s working now.

Thank you for your support 🙂

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