Unique Articles and TagDiv Composer Don\'t Work Well on my HOMEPAGE

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I’m pretty beginner still in wordpress and blogging. I have been using your template and I didn’t have much content earlier. Now, I have some more content and I don’t wanna repeat the same articles especially on my homepage. I have some categories seperated on the page. When I first enter to tagdiv composer, page looks like just how it should work. However, when I open the site on a normal browser, it doesn’t show at all some of my posts on the homepage, nor in the consecutive pages. What might be the problem? I don’t wanna have duplicates on the same page but I don’t wanna have a lost content either.

(I don’t know how to add pics here but if you need some pictures to understand or code of the page, I can send via email or sth.)

If you could help with the issue, I’d appreciate it a lot!

Alin V.
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Replied via email!

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