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Hey Guys

I’m in the process of creating a new homepage for http://rwrant.co.za

When I create the new page and use TagDiv Composer, it doesn’t show a post settings tab / options on the block that I’ve created. Any idea why? Is this only available in Premium?


Simion C.
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Blocks settings are available for both theme versions. The premium version will include more block types, but the composer settings are not limited in any way. These are all the available block settings
If the block settings are not displayed or incomplete it could be the result of a plugin conflict. Try deactivating all plugins except theme plugins and check again.


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I did de-activate all plugins except for the tagdiv ones and it still didn’t bring up the post options…

Alin V.
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Please send an email at [email protected] and provide wp-admin access so we can take a closer look.
Also paste a link to this topic so we can identify you.


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Thanks, but it works after I’ve updated the theme and when I turn off the plugins now

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