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Hi there,

I have altered the HeaderMenu to more suitable names for my site.

Under CategoryMegaMenu- I select my menu with subcategories, however when published, these do not show on the site (So basically I cannot see subcategories on anything but the default set from IonMag for news).

Incase that was arb. I have a menu, i have subcategories. I tell menu to show subcategories, menu doesnt show subcategories and instead published as if no subcategories had been selected.

Could you help?

Bogdan B.
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The mega menu option will show sub-categories if the top category is selected in the mega menu option like so: and then the subcategories will be grabbed automatically:
If this does not happen on your site, please disable all plugins except tagdiv composer, clear cache and reset cdn files if you use it. Then test the mega-menu again.
Let us know how it goes.

Thank you!

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Hey Bogdan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am super new to WordPress so please bear with me.

I seem to have the “tech” page pulling fine and would like that design to carry through to the rest of the dropdowns (except for homepages and contact). I just can’t seem to get it right.

I don’t use a cache of any kind nor Cloudflare (i have cleared my Macs cache though 🙂 )

Images below at the links.

So basically the TECH tab is pulling fine, but everything else (bar the ones I dont want as mentioned above) is not working.

Thanks again 🙂

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So I got this solved, it was actually such a silly thing.

Once you have selected the dropdowns to show subcategories, make sure you have posts assigned to those subcategories and the fields will appear.

If you dont have any posts under a certain subcategory, the subcategory wont show in the mega menu 🙂

Bogdan B.
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Yes, the theme will do that. If there is nothing to show, it will not show anything 🙂
Glad you figured it out!

Have a nice day!
Thank you!

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Hi Friends,
I have a similar problem with my blog. I am using ionMag and Megamenu pages are not linking to the sub categories. As suggested I have disabled all the plugins except for composer, cleared cache, no custom code is used other than Google analytics.

I am still not able to display my posts category wise to the respective pages.
my site link is

Kindly help and advise.
Shilpi Jain

Simion C.
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@shilpitheartist Replied in the other topic.

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