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I am planning to buy the premium theme but I need some clarifications. What is the license for Ionmag Premium theme? is it 100% gpl? I want to use it for my clients sites but i dont want to buy any extended license. also I just need to be clear about the updates because there is a contradicting statement there. There is something mentioned in the pricing page ‘REGULAR UPDATES FOR LIFE Keep your website connected to the latest trends with lifetime updates’ is this regular updates for the theme version? or do I need to pay each year to get both the support and the version updates? If you guys can offer unlimited updates for life at a higher price it will be great.


Simion C.
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Sorry for the delayed reply. The theme is licensed under GPLv3. You can read more about this type of license here
The theme can be purchased as a one time payment, having access to theme updates and all the features
After the initial period of one year you can still use the theme normally. But if you want updates and support after this period, you will have to pay for the extension. We will make the information more clear hopefully as soon as possible.
Basically it is like this
* One time fee for the theme itself.
* Yearly fee for updates and support.


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