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I am having a few problems with the theme and could use your help.
1) On my homepage, I want there to be a feature that when they get to the bottom of the list of articles allows them to either scroll to see more or there is a button to click to see more articles. How do I do that?
2) I would like the main menu (the one not in the header) to be right aligned. I can’t see how to do that.
3) For some reason, some posts just don’t appear at all. It shows up when I am in the TagDiv screen but when I go to Safari to see the real site or Chrome, the posts are completely missing. The title is always there but the posts are gone. You can see this by going to

Thanks in advance for your help.

Alin V.
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1. You can use the default page template and set infinite scroll or load more pagination on you the last block from your page –
2. Not sure what you mean. Actually your top menu is right aligned –
3. I couldn’t know what posts are missing if you don’t provide more details, an example..


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