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I know it’s a known bug, but was curious if there was a simple CSS or code fix we could do for the line breaks (or paragraph breaks) not working in ‘pages’ with current version of IonMag?

Obviously, I was able to fix by simply wrapping each paragraph in
<p></p> … but man, that was a nightmare on privacy policy !

Simion C.
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Sorry about that. I believe this was fixed in the latest theme update and it should work properly now.


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Oh. Duh. I think I still have 1.51 installed and not 2.0.

Whoopsy daisy!

Thanks for the heads up, I will give that a try.

Theme config
Theme name i ionMag
Theme version i 1.5.1
Theme database version i 1.5.1

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( Proof once again I’m not always as smart as I think I am. )

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