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in the first time, thanks for the best free wordpress template i’ve seen since started to working with wordpress.

i’m using ionMag to my aquaculture blog and i’m thinking start with a small business with Woocommerce. In here, i have some small questions to developers and other theme users.

have you ever tried this template with Woocommerce? There is a settings section in Theme panel but in the front page, i think there are something wrong. Could you check it:

Background is gray, content area is white other places in blog but product pages are gray 🙂 i’m gonna make some changes at CSS file and Woocommerce docs but i think, if this template gives Woo support, more people can select to use it 🙂

Kind regards from Turkey, 🙂

Bogdan B.
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If you take a look in the plugins section of the them you will see the tested plugins: woocommerce is among them so it works properly with our theme.
The styling issue on your site come from here: not the theme.
It is maybe a code you added in the them panel -> custom css box or a plugin that ads a color to the body tag.

Thank you!

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after the update WooCommerce I received such a message from the system
“In your topic (ionMag-plus) site obsolete copies of several templates WooCommerce. Perhaps these templates require an update to ensure compatibility with the current version of WooCommerce. These templates are displayed on the system status page. In case of doubt, contact the author of the topic.”
In the system panel there is such a message
“There are updates for ionMag / woocommerce / archive-product.php version 2.0.0. The kernel version is 3.3.0,
ionMag / woocommerce / single-product.php”

how can I update the template WooCommerce?
Thank you

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Simion C.
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@Igor That message will not cause any issue with the woocommerce functionality. We will make the required changes in the next theme update. You can simply dismiss the message and there will be no problem.


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Hi, Simion.
Thank you for your prompt response.
When will the theme be updated?

Simion C.
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I could not give you an exact date, we will try to provide an update as soon as possible.


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