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I am having a slight issue with post images and I’m looking for advice. The problem is that there is no control over how the template will crop/display the image.

I already posted a thread regarding the template cutting people off at the neck, but perhaps I’m approaching this the wrong way. The website it about to launch and authors will start adding articles. Perhaps the better solution is to give them image dimension standards than try to mess with the template.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what would be a good standard image size to allow for the best cropping and fit for the different featured image dimensions?


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Hi, we were using 650x450px as standard size for main image on posts/articles, here. However, minor wrinkle there is that both Google/AMP, rich snippets, and Facebook, all want image to be 696px or wider.

So, we went to 696×522 with the largest default size in the WP admin > media set at 650×450 so it becomes the medium size src-set on posts.

However, this would be for those placing their featured image manually in the post layout and choosing one as featured image manually vs having theme place the image in template.

Not sure that helps in any way – just some feedback.

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The thumbnails that are created will be cropped center-top, that is believed to provide the best results in general. Modules use different thumbnail sizes, so results may differ depending on module/block used.
It all depends on the images used and their aspect ratio, the same image will produce different results on different modules.


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