I want my grid to cover the whole screen

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Hello there
I just bought the premium version of ionMag and can’t be more happy with it.
My problem comes when I try to make the Big grid full 1 to cover the WHOLE page, not just a portion of my page, I just cant find the solution but i know it is possible cause i’ve seen it in other templates examples of ionMag, can you help me?
This is my webpage, maybe it’s helpfull for you to understand what i want to try…

Simion C.
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We are always glad to see happy users, we try our best to provide a good product. There should be no problem placing a Full big grid on pages. A thing to consider is that if there is a background color or image set, the website will be boxed
Please check both sections of the theme panel, and remove the background if there is one.


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Thank you for your reply.
I checked the background color but if i am not wrong… theres none.

Have I done something wrong or the problem can come from other source?
Thank you so much.

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Uops! So sorry, I did it! Thank you!

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