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How to Setup IonMag for Better SEO, Without showing Breadcrumb in Google Search, After installing Ionmag my ranking or search view getting low, now I can see a huge downfall in my site traffic cause of breadcrumb.

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Breadcrumbs usually help SEO if you have your categories setup for SEO. We’ve been using them on our websites for 20 years now, and they help identify where content should be in relation to other site content — e.g., reviews, or interviews, or news.

To remove breadcrumbs in SERPS, your only option is to remove breadcrumbs from the website; either by disabling option on theme panel, or removing the hook in the actual template.

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Thank You, SimChirs…!
Do you Know..? How to remove Breadcrumbs from IonMag Templates

Alin V.
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We have implemented breadcrumbs using google recommendations –
Here you can find the code if you want to modify –


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Benefit of breadcrumbs in SERPS is stuff like

Name of My Neato Article About Muffins
Website > Cooking > Baking
My article about muffins shows how to bake a cake in a lake with a rake.

in SERPS it’s useful to allow somebody seeing the search result to jump right to the baking topic, or to the parent cooking topic.

That’s why they do it — if Google uses breadcrumbs for SERPS, why would that be ‘bad’ for SEO?

In any case, just some more feedback before you change things.

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Well, ShimChrics ! Breadcrumbs are good for big merchant & online stores but for blogs, it can cause a huge decline in SERP rankings.

As a blogger, we all know how important is our post URL and how we naturally put in important key-phrases that we target. Breadcrumbs make it redundant. Your Post URL is not shown in search engine results rather ur category and subcategory is shown and even if it contains your keyword it is not highlighted.

Breadcrumbs are wonderful for onsite navigation, but the price you pay for the loss in SERP rankings makes it harmful to bloggers.

That’s the reason why I want to ‘Remove showing Breadcrumb in Google Search”

Plz, Help me with this.

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Can you please share where you got this information from?

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