How to set up Premium Magazine Template?

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Hi all,
I just downloaded the premium version of ionMag, and I imported it into my wordpress account.
I am not sure how I should edit if I want to make my website as same as Premium Magazine Theme template? There is no way to select specific template theme so I am not sure how to set it up.

Bogdan B.
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You can start by importing a theme demo:
The demo content is not recommended to be used as your own though. The demo is just so you can see how it will look once you have content.

The best course of action is to start by creating posts and categories for your site as you will need content. Then start creating pages in the page builder. You can copy the exact page from a demo if you like it and then edit the content, but do not edit the demo page, just it’s copy as the demo content gets removed when uninstalling or changing theme demos.

Thank you!

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