How-to: output of the custom field value in the block template

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Hi there,

First of all, thanks a lot for an awesome theme! Hope, you`ll help me with my little issue…

Look at the part of CookBook template:

I created 2 custom fields using Advanced Custom Fields Plugin: CF1 (number) and CF2 (external link).
And I need to display this fields in posts excerpts in different content blocks of the theme using get_field() function.

Would you be so kind and explain to me where should I:
1) Declare the necessary function(-s) correctly – functions.php or anywhere else;
2) Change blocks template files to see the necessary fields values;
3) Change blocks CSS files to customize that fields output styles.

Thanks in advance!

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Simion C.
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The modules can be found here
That is where the module data is called, the excerpt as well where available. The main module file is this one
The blocks are found here
The main block file is this one
CSS code can be added to the theme stylesheet directly or in the theme panel dedicated sections.


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