how to increase width of the site

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how to increase width of the site which is using ionmag theme ?
i want to increase its full width instead of leaving empty space at left and right .
please provide me steps to do this thank you

Alin V.
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IonMag theme has an fixed grid layout, responsive as it is fluid and styled for desktop/tables/mobile screens. The theme full width is 980px(content) and it is not an easy task to change it because all the theme elements were designed for this width and you will need to adjust their style.


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The ionMag team has done an amazing job creating this theme!

But +1… It would be great to be able to increase the width.

Maybe consider it for a future release? I saw another post asking for this flexibility.


Bogdan B.
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Thank you for your suggestion!

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I agree with adding the ability to change the width of the site.
And to improve the fluidity of the design, rather than keeping it fixed width.
Many themes allow you to set the width of the container.

980 px is an OLD-STYLE width made for old computer displays of years ago.

Modern News Sites such as Huffington Post, CNN, Raw Story, LA Times, Time, ESPN, etc. use about 1200 px as their width. This is better for 1080p displays that are much more common today.

Only the NYTimes uses 980 px. And it looks constrained on a modern display.


Bogdan B.
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This was a decision taken by our designers and it cannot be changed easily unfortunately. We built the theme on the width decided upon and now it cannot be changed with a few simple commands.

Thank you for your suggestion but unfortunately the theme width is not in our plan for the near future.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Hopefully somewhere in the future flexibility in the content width can be done rather than having a fixed width. I realize that painting oneself into a fixed corner can make it difficult to do.

It is possible to take the best parts of the ionMag Theme but have some flexibility in content width by using the plug-in: Fullwidth Templates for Any Theme & Page Builder By Brainstorm Force. This gives you full width option for the content of the pages.

You can then use the page builder of choice to design the contents.

Interestingly, the sidebar disappears when a fullwidth page is used. But it can be brought back easily by using a pagebuilder like Elementor by inserting it as a widget.

You will need to use custom CSS to move the objects in the header and the menu so they can be outside the 980 pixel constraint of the page.

My concern however in going outside ionMag’s constraints is that ionMag is a very new theme. Unlike Newspaper 8, there are a lot of bugs that still have to be worked out of ionMag. For example, as of 7/3/17, the theme is missing the theme color options for submenus and megamenus in the theme options panel. ionMag is pretty fragile as a result of the bugs still present. So straying out of their design constraints can uncover bugs and instability in the theme and may make your website unstable.

Simion C.
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Please note that there are still full width capabilities when using the page editor. Rows can be stretched, and there is a selection of Full Big Grids. Just an example
Page creation only depends on your imagination and vision. You can achieve many layouts for pages. Also there are more features and options to come for the tagDiv composer.
Like I mentioned in another topic, the options you mention in regards of the theme colors, will be available in the next theme update. They are not implemented in the current theme version.


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I can resize the site, i just put this code in the custom css

.td-container, .tdc-row {
margin-right: auto;
margin-left: auto;
width: 90%;

I hope you can too

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Thanks for your help, but my mega menu doesn’t strecht images to full content. This is my site Could you help me?

Simion C.
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@vuhue Unfortunately I don’t understand exactly what you are referring to. The link you provided does not have the theme installed. If you have problems with the mega menu please provide more details for a better understanding.
You can see the theme mega menu with sub-categories in the live demo for example, check the Lifestyle menu item
Also more information here


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@supercortu its not as simple as that, you need to change a lot of things. I have increased the width of my website Pokemon Group, but it took a lot more work than just changing container and row width.

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