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Played around in the theme panel yesterday to make my upcoming recipes look their best. I added a new plugin for my recipes (I’ve been using WP Ultimate Recipe but want to switch to WP Recipe maker) and ever since I installed the new plugin my recipes look wonky. Not the new ones obviously. I want my older recipes to remain the same and just look good but there’s a random white space that I can’t get rid off.

What should I do? I’ve already deleted WP Recipe Maker but that didn’t do the trick so I just installed that again.
You can see what I mean right here:

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I believe you might have to recreate the recipes posts with the new plugin, that should solve the situation. It could be the only solution. If you are no longer using that plugin, the recipe posts created with it will most likely not display properly, or might be affected by the new plugin.
I see that the posts created with it do not display the featured image on the post page
That space should be where the featured image is positioned, but I think that is also caused by the previously used plugin.


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I didn’t deactivate the plugin so it’s kinda weird that it changed the layout so much. Trying to see if I can come up with a different solution ’cause it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to change everything, haha

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Ok lol, I fixed it. Changed the post template from RED 11 back to DEFAULT and now the white space is gone. Just need to set the template for every post when I upload a recipe.

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