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Hi, first of all, I want to thank tagdiv team once more for give us this great theme, it looks very professional. With update 1.4 I have experimented a better performance but I’m still having some troubles:

1. TD Composer is still deactivating wordpress autosave feature.
2. When a search is made, an 508 resource limit is reached error appears, if the page is reloaded the search is made and results are given. I know this is related to my free webhosting limits but this is the first theme I have tested in this hosting that reachs the limits.
3. Theme breaks wordpress image editor. I have tested it deactivating all plugins.

Hope you can check this troubles that I’m having, if you need more info about my hosting or settings I can provide it to you. Thank you.

Alin V.
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The theme has some server requirements and please check also the System Status and increase all the php parameters at least to the recommended values – https://www.wpion.com/members/ionmag-requirements/https://www.wpion.com/members/system-status/

Regarding your questions/issues we can take a look but I need more details for 1 and 3(for nr.2 it seems that you know what the problem is and we cannot help you). Please send an email at [email protected] and let us know your site and wp admin access. Also paste a link to this opic so we can identify you.


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I have sent you details about my site and admin access to your mail.
Regarding search I put a default WP search and works without issues, then I will have to use default search for my site.

I’ll be waiting on news about other issues, thank you!

Alin V.
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Replied via email!

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