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I installed theme, but for some reason no images are loading. Please take a look at dev.prowrestling.com.

All posts have an image associated with it. If I switch back to old theme, old images show but when activating and using yours no images are showing.

Does someone have any suggestions as to what is going wrong?

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This is problem:

`body.td-animation-stack-type0 .td-animation-stack .entry-thumb, body.td-animation-stack-type0 .post img {
/* opacity: 0; */`

IN “http://dev.prowrestling.com/wp-content/themes/IonMag/style.css?ver=1.3”

Change to /* opacity: 0.5; */

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Thank you, that worked! That’s very strange. Is there a way to remove the grayscale from the thumbnails?


As now the images show but it’s grayed out, but in your demo they’re in full color.

Bogdan B.
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Plugin conflicts are the ones that cause the image to not load anymore. The lazyload animation breaks first but if you disable the lazyload animation or change the opacity through css, the conflict will still be there and it can affect any js element including the ajax search, the pagination ajax filters, etc…
I suggest leaving the issue visible and disabling all plugins except tagdiv composer, clearing all caching and resetting cdn files if you use it, then identifying the plugin that causes the incompatibility.

Thank you!

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Thank you guys! Suggestions worked. Found the culprit with mvp scoreboard plugin.

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Hey guys,

I have disabled all my plugins and cleared all the settings but still my pictures don’t fully load. Any suggestions?




Bogdan B.
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They seem to be find now except for the 1 that cannot be found in your media center. Please make sure this image exists in the folder: https://www.screencast.com/t/Z7BPusbELnk


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Hi, Bogdan.. I think i don’t have problem with my plugin.. But, why my images didn’t show too?? Thankyou..


Simion C.
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@sjoystudios They seem to be displayed at the moment from what I can see


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Featured image is 600×300, but in my index the featured images appear with zoom.
Can it appear the same size of the image and the featured image of the index?

Alin V.
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Please provide more details and also you site url.
I’m not sure how it is zoomed.


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