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I’m having trouble with an element. Here is a screenshot: https://screenshots.firefox.com/gsRDYGDnmuHe03CJ/www.flippingmotorcycles.com

Both elements shown are Block 5.
The top row is 2/3+1/3.
The bottom row is 1/1.
How can I get Block 5 to look like 2/3+1/3 in a 1/1 row so the articles don’t line up next to each other, only stack?


Simion C.
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The blocks will look differently depending on the row layout, as it is the case with block 5
There is no way to change how the block behaves in these situations, this is an automated process. A different module is displayed based on the row settings.
You can try to modify the block functionality, this is the file where you can experiment


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I looked into the td_block_5.php file, and i found the option for displaying Block 5 on 3 columns (case ‘3’: //three column layout).

But I don’t understand how it would be possible to display the excerpt in that case.

I know that it’s a change in the core of ionMag, but it would be very useful for me if you could suggest a solution.

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I’m replying to myself, as i can’t edit my question.

I’ve found out that the excerpt is hidden through css:

.td_block_5.td-column-3 .td_module_5 .td-excerpt {
display: none;

So, the easiest way to have it back is to work with css property.


Simion C.
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I believe it is hidden for design purposes. If you want to display it in this situation, you can use a code like this (Theme panel->Custom CSS)

.td_block_5.td-column-3 .td_module_5 .td-excerpt {

Or make the modification directly in the theme stylessheet


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