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Hi, I have checked “Tested plugins” in “Theme Installation”, but my hosting is Godaddy wordpress hosting, and Godaddy has a blacklist plugin and “WP Super Cache” is one of them. So, could you suggest me some caching plugins?

Simion C.
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If that is the case, you can try other caching plugins which are allowed and make tests with different configurations and settings.
The WP Super Cache is recommended becasue it has been tested and works properly, but other plugins may as well work.


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Also note GoDaddy often has their own caching plugin for WordPress, depending on your hosting plan. So, often you can check to see if one is already running from your hosting account. I found this out helping a client last year with their website, hosted on GoDaddy. Might not still be the case, but that was *why* they didn’t allow other caching plugins on that particular account; so check your hosting setup, and all your WP settings for pre-existing GODADDY CACHING. 🙂

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