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I want to have all images in my ion mag theme to 16:9 ratio. Also I dont want to crop the image. I want the images to just auto fit into the Blocks.
Most of the blocks have 4:3 ratio. Please can I change my theme to 16:9 ?

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Sry the Topic should contain 16:9 Ratio.

Bogdan B.
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Unfortunately the theme thumbs are not editable. You will need custom modifications to be able to edit the theme thumbnail system. Each module has it’s own thumbnails with fixed dimensions and aspect ratio.
Here are the thumbs used in our theme:
If you want to change them but do not have the proper coding skills required, we suggest hiring a freelancer/developer to help out as we cannot provide any solution in this regard.

Thank you!

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Thank You Very Much for the solution. For now just editing the images size one by one.
But soon will hire someone who can fix this problem.


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