Add "view count" on each module

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Is it possible to add “view count” on each module beside “td-module-comments”?

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Have you tried to use the Option “Show Post Views” in the Theme-Panel “Post Settings”?


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Hi Spontis 🙂 , thank you for the answer. Actually I already did that on Post Setting.
It will show on Post layout but I want to show “view count” on Page layout too so user can see it before click through the post.
You can see from this screenshot : show will count on Page layout

Simion C.
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On modules and blocks there is no theme setting to enable post views. Post views are visible only on the post page. Modules will display author name, date, comment count and category tag.


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Thank you Simion.

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It can be done, but you have to do it manually by adding code.

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Hi itemcharade!
Did you find a way how to do it?

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