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Hey Everyone,

I just installed the premium template, but I am having a bit of trouble with a few things.

1. I have the menu set to “Smart Snap” mobile, with the Header Style 6.

When I scroll down on the desktop, the menu shifts from right to left. Is there a way to make sure it sticks to the right?

2. I want my main page to be a nice, big, splash page with a featured post. The problem is that I am not understanding how to give the home page a proper template. All I get are the default ones that don’t allow a nice large image.


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3. Under “Global Block Header Template” the first section has:

This header template will be applied to the whole site. The theme will also try to adjust the default widgets to look in the same style with the block template selected here.

You can overwrite the template on each block and widget.

Changing this does nothing. I can’t figure out what it does.

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4. Sticky Post on Static Home Page

Does anyone know how to make a post marked “Sticky” to work on the static homepage? It works on the category page, but not on the main landing page.

Simion C.
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1. It would be helpful if you could provide a link to your website so we can inspect the issue if there is one. This is how the menu displays when sticky, using then same header style
You can also choose to display the header logo or mobile logo when the menu is sticky

2. You can create pages in any way you like, using the available blocks grids and other elements from tagDiv composer
These are all the available blocks and grids

3. That global block header style setting will change all the blocks on the website
It will try to apply for the WordPress default widgets as well.
In pages this setting can be set individually for each block
These are all the available block settings and options

4. The blocks and grids have filtering and sorting options that you can use to display the posts you want. Check the block settings guide. The sticky post option will not work with the theme.

Please let us know if you have further questions, and we will try to help you as soon as possible.


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