Load translations

We believe that translating your website should not involve coding skills. IonMag lets you translate all the strings which are present on the frontend of your site. The translation panel was completely rebuilt, and the theme comes translated in a dozen of languages.

Note: ionMag comes with already made translations for 90 languages. Our users submit most of them, and if you find a mistake, you can always submit a correction with one click.

We would like to thank the community for providing translations and corrections. We are very glad to have such an amazing community, and we are always doing our best to release awesome stuff!

How to load a translation

The theme comes with an option to automatically load a translation which is already saved on our server or is generated using the Google Translate service. To load a translation, you have to follow these steps:

Translation 1

  • Step 1 –  go to Theme Panel > Translations
  • Step 2 – click on the “Load an available translation” button
  • Step 3 – select the desired translation from “Choose a language” drop-down box, and click on the “Load translation” button.
  • Step 4 – the translations panel automatically opens to let you see all the string which are about to be translated; you can adjust each translation if necessary.