Footer & Subfooter settings

The IonMag theme comes with two footer styles. You can now customize the footer by adding text, widgets or social icons, and maximize your website impact on the audience. The footer uses the widget area to display information.

How To Setup The Footer

  • Step 1 – Navigate to IonMag > Theme panel > Footer to access the footer settings panel footer options. You will see five sections.
  • Step 2 – Expand the Footer Settings section and select a Footer template. All options will automatically load based on your selection.
  • Step 3 – Click the Save Settings button


Types of content you can use

Predefined content

Some footer templates contain predefined content like the Footer info content, that can be set from its section located in the Theme panel. To add this type of content, go to the Theme panel > Footer > Footer Settings, and under the Footer Templates option, choose the desired style.

To configure the footer content, you need to navigate to the Footer info content section and add your desired information.


In this section, you can add a footer logo, a retina logo, and a descriptive text. You can also set up your email address, and if your footer will display the Social Icons.

The Footer Logo and Footer Retina Logo can be configured from this footer info content section.

You can choose to display a different logo from the one used in the header section. If a footer logo is not specified, the site will load the default normal logo. To set a footer logo go to IonMag > Theme Panel > Footer, and expand the Footer Info Content section and click the Upload button.

Depending on what Footer Template you want to use, there are several Footer Logo Size variations. For example, for the first (Style 1) footer template, you can use a full width container logo that will be centered.

Footer text is usually a text about your site’s topic, like a very short and relevant description. To assign a text to this area go to IonMag > Theme Panel > Footer, and expand the Footer Info Content section. Write your text and click the Save Settings button.

Social Icons – Displays the social icon in the footer. To set up the Social Icon go to IonMag > Theme Panel > Social Networks section.

Don’t forget to click on Save Settings button.

Custom content

To add your own footer content:

  • Step 1 – Go to Appearance > Widgets
  • Step 2 – Here you will find three sidebars: Footer 1, Footer 2 and Footer 3.
  • Step 3 – Drag the widgets you like in each Footer sidebar.


Footer Instagram settings

These options set the Instagram Widget to appear above the footer section on all pages. The style is similar to the one present on the main Instagram block/widget.

The Instagram Widget was created to help you bring your spectacular images and share them on your website. Just add the Instagram ID and amaze your visitors with stunning images and unforgettable emotions!

The Instagram settings can be enabled from Theme Panel > Footer > Instagram settings and they come with the following options:

  • Show the footer Instagram section – Show or hide the Instagram section
  • Instagram ID – Enter the ID as it appears after the Instagram URL (ex.
  • Number of images per row – Set the number of images displayed on each row (the default value is 3)
  • Number of rows – Set on how many rows the images will display (the default value is 1)
  • Image gap – Set a gap between images (default: No gap)


Footer background

This function allows you to set a picture as a background on the footer section. This can be done from Theme Panel > Footer > Footer background, where the following options are available:

  • Footer background – Upload a background image
  • Repeat – How the background image will be displayed
  • Size – Set the background image size
  • Position – Position your background image
  • Background opacity – Set the background image’s transparency (Example: 0.3)



Subfooter settings

The sub-footer section includes a copyright text and a menu that is positioned centered in the first line of the sub-footer. To set it up, go to IonMag > Theme Panel > Footer, and expand the Subfooter settings section.

There, you can assign a copyright text very easily and you can choose to display the copyright symbol.

The most important option in this section is the Footer Menu which enables the possibility of assigning a menu to your sub-footer.