Category Templates features

IonMag theme gives you the freedom to transform your website’s category pages into creative interfaces that guide the visitors to the desired content. You can choose between various category templates features, header, different grids, and styles. You can display your posts in a variety of ways, customize your sidebars, and use unlimited colors and background options for all the category templates.

There are multiple combinations that make your website an amazing user experience for visitors.

The Category Template option from the Theme Panel changes the header of the category page. This option is located under Theme Panel> Categories, and it can be modified individually per category or globally on the sitewide. If you choose the default style on a specific category, the theme will apply the global category settings.

Currently, the IonMag theme provides just one default category header style, with new ones coming soon.


Category Top Posts Styles

With IonMag, you can display your categories posts in various ways and use different grids and styles to retain the attention of your visitors.

The Category Top Post Styles refer to the grid present on the top section of the category page. The grid adds value to the page, and it draws the visitors’ attention to the category latest posts. You can change the grid displayed on all the categories and also on specific categories. For example, you can have a global configuration for all the categories to use Grid 3, and, at the same time, specify that “Category 1 – Fashion” and “Category 2 – Sport” to use Grid 2.

IonMag’s three available Category Top Post Grids:






Category grid styles

The Category Top Post Grid Styles refer to the style used by the grid present on the top section of the category page. These styles provide greater flexibility so that each grid layout can use a different style. To change the style for a category, go to IonMag > Theme Panel> Categories. Currently, the theme has two different styles:

  • Style 1 – Center



  • Style 2 – Left


Premium content

The premium version of the theme comes with 8 extra category templates,  29 impressive top post styles, and 20 extra article display view modules.

Premium category templates:


  • Premium category template 1


  • Premium category template 2


  • Premium category template 3


  • Premium category template 4


  • Premium category template 5


  • Premium category template 6


  • Premium category template 7


  • Premium category template 8