Category Settings Overview

IonMag allows you to transform the category pages into creative interfaces that guide the visitors to the desired content.

Category options

  • Global Category settings – Apply the same options to all categories
  • Individual Category configuration – Setup options for a particular category, overriding the global settings

To setup a category, go to the Theme Panel > Categories section. In the main Categories panel, you will find a Category Global Settings section and an Individual Settings section which contains a different option panel for each category you have on your website.


Using the Global Category settings panel, you can change:

  • The category template – Chose the category header style.
  • The category pull-down filter – Control the display of the category pull-down filter.
  • The category top posts – Select the category top posts grid, or simply disable it.
  • The category top posts styles – Pick one grid style.
  • The article display view – You have six different modules available to display the articles on your category page.
  • The pagination style – Set up a pagination style.
  • The sidebar position (right or left) or just plain content and no sidebar

What you can change in each category:

For each category individually, you can change the following settings:

  • Category tag color for post pages – Chose a color for a specific category tag on post pages.
  • Background used on the category page – Select an image or color style.
  • Hide the category tag on posts and category pages.

In the screenshot below, you can see the settings available for the “Fashion” category. Each category has this panel associated with it.