Are you looking for the web hosting service provider for your WordPress website? Well, then you must be bombarded with the multiple options which can spin your head.

WordPress is one of the most powerful and popular content management system (CMS), which supports nearly one-third of the websites across the globe. On one side, there are a few people who consider it as a blogging platform, but on the other hand, there are businesses no matter their size who make use of WordPress to handle their website. Few names include BBC America, Vogue, TechCrunch, and many others who have taken WordPress on an international level.

How to pick up your Hosting Provider

The best thing about using WordPress as a business platform is that it is an open and free source which also provides powerful functions and features with the updated plugins to provide greater flexibility. The company also offers thousands of latest plugins which are easy to download and use without a little to no knowledge of the technical stuff.

Hosting Providers

Now, when you have put more efforts into creating the best blog or eCommerce website, it becomes a necessity to make use of the best WordPress hosting service to keep it going. But how do you decide which hosting company you should opt for? Well, in this article, we will be discussing the key points that can help you to pick up the best web hosting service provider.

  • Select the Website Type

It is one of the important approaches when it comes to selecting the correct web hosting service provider. You need to decide the nature of your website for accommodating the visitors and scalability. If you are going for a personal blog, then pick up the low-cost hosting to maximize the features of the WordPress as there are plenty of resources available from handling UI to audio/video of your site. Contrary to this, the business websites require to pay a little more attention by providing higher security and faster speed. It is also a good idea to find an established hosting company with a huge success record of eCommerce, which is able to handle the growth every month.

  • Make a list of the Resources along with its Type

One of the main reason behind the high bounce rate is the poor User Experience (UX) because the most crucial resources which you will need to prevent them is speed and bandwidth. These factors help you to determine how much traffic can be handled along with the quality of service which you provide in terms of responding to the user requests to ensure a fast and hassle-free page loads.

  • Select the Hosting Service Type

The type of website you want to build depends largely on the type of hosting platform and operating system (Windows/Linux) as per your site. There are different types of hosting services to choose from:

1. Shared hosting: This is one of the most budget-friendly options where you have to share the available resources with the other subscribers. It works well if you have a relatively static website that is text-oriented and does not get locked into the plan if you wish to gro quickly.

2. Managed hosting: If you wish to have uninterrupted service and use more resources, then this approach suits them best. The service provider takes care of the infrastructure and maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the hassle-free benefits of the server. Here, you need to have less control over the optimization and resource allocation.

3. Virtual and Dedicated Hosting: The Virtual Private Servers are one of a kind out of many virtual servers that are hosted on a single physical server but separated into segments. Henceforth, the main advantage of using this service is that you do not need to share the resources. This approach is a little expensive, but they provide unlimited resources by gaining complete control and flexibility.

  • Maintain your Price bandwidth

Usually, the host providers come up with a monthly, bi-annually, and yearly subscriptions while some even provide a kind of free trial and a money-back guarantee. In an all, the yearly contract offers the best value still pay-as-you-go is also a cheaper option if you want to try new hosts without involving any contracts.

The price range varies as per the features and services provided by the hosting platform. To this, it seems to be tempting to go for a free web hosting service, but they too come with hidden costs including limited bandwidth, less storage, slow speed, frequent downtimes and much more. Give a try to some of the most famous WordPress web hosting providers to enjoy the smooth performance.


Before opting for any service, it is mandatory to find out if the hosting provider suits your existing needs and also supporting the expected growth in the future without hiking on price. It is the sole responsibility of the website owner to carefully read the agreement and terms of service (TOS) before dealing upon any contract.

It is always okay to utilize a free trial when offered but ensure that the web host offers the level of performance and security as per your website needs. This helps you to make sure whether you need to go with the existing host provider or change to the new one. Follow these tips and tricks to get you the best suitable tools and platform which offers a solid chance of success.

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